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Startup Consulting

Great companies aim to solve important problems really well. Our goal is to provide Entrepreneurs and their teams the right toolset and framework to guide them through their product development process. We help you develop a product roadmap that will allow you to iterate towards a sustainable product-market fit. Our team leverages the Lean Startup and Customer Discovery methodologies in order to help you reach your goals as quickly, efficiently and cost effectively as possible. We believe in simplicity, delighting the end-users, continuous improvement, and trying new things. Contact us and we'll evaluate how to work together!

Web Development

We develop highly customized web applications. We build using Agile Methodologies to ensure the fit and continious improvement of your product throughout the development lifecycle. We build web products to scale and to evolve using the latest technologies. We test thorougly and ensure first foremost that the product works for the user.


Taking your business to the next level is our goal. We can help you create an online catalogue of your products and services, and even better, we can help you sell directly online. With the benefits of an online storefront we can help you greatly increase your reach, leading to more sales, more efficiently.

User Experience Design

Our designs aim to delight the end-user by focusing on creating an intuitive experience that simply works. The Kakao UX team focuses on every detail of the user experience from the first encounter with your product to becoming a power user. We design our products to perform their job efficiently and well. The aim is to design platforms that learn and improve. We design products that are surprisingly simple and functional and we believe that makes them beautiful.


We craft a beautiful User Experience

Our design is centered around the user. Through a balance between the logical and the emotional we provide an experience that aims to seamlessly guide the users through our platform, and ultimately delight them.

With a functional and efficient Backend

Our development philosophy is to: Make it work, better, faster. We use development tools that allow us to create nimble and scalable web prodcuts in a short time. We pride ouself in well-written code, simplicity and efficiency. We are passionate about the technologies we use and are constantly improving our stack.

Living in a robust Cloud

Our applications are built to live on the cloud. We believe that the accessibility, centralization, security and scalability that it provides are key foundations for a successful web product. We work hard to give you the right tools to grow your business.


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